Technology Working Group

The technology working group develops technological innovations related to small wind systems.

The technology working group is composed of a decentralized group of specialists which develop and improve technologies in order to drive forward locally manufactured wind turbines. The goal of the working group is to gather groups of members and foster the sharing of expertise. The working group also promote joint development projects that permits to strengthen team spirit and share the effort and cost of bringing relevant technology to the field.

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Highlighted Projects


is an open-source analog charge controller for lead-acid battery charge regulation via small wind turbines up to 2kW. The goal is to develop a robust, easy-to-assemble and easy-to-repair device for small wind turbines based off-grid energy systems.

Joint Water Pumping Project

This project seeks to solve one of the main problems of rural areas worldwide: access to water, both for human consumption and for productive activities.

The WISIONS-funded project, initiated in 2018, engages WE member organizations ACE, 500RPM, MinVayu and School of the Earth. It proposes the development of a water pumping system using wind energy without using batteries, which would represent an important contribution to the rural world.

Themes covered by the working group

  • Blades : How to improve blade design and blade reliability for Small Wind Turbines (SWT) ? We share good practices and experiences to manufacture wood, fiberglass and 3D printed blades.
  • Charge controller : Charge Controllers are crucial organs for SWT. They ensure the reliable charge and discharge of the battery bank and prevent turbine runaway.  Different option are explored and covered by the working group. An analog charge controller has been successfully developed. A digital MPPT charge controller is under development.
  • Power converters : The Technology working group also embrace the broad field of power converter that are necessary for rural electrification applications. Research is conducted on advance converter using active rectification to improve the efficiency of the SWT, while lowering vibrations and wear. Open source inverters for household appliances are in alpha version.
  • Water pumping: Adapting our technology to water pumping applications is a strong drive for many members that are looking for Hybrid PV/wind solution to get a robust access to water in remote places.
  • Towers : Building a free standing 18m lattice tower, which can be raised and lowered. Guy wired tower designs
  • Electrical systems : Cable losses, designing on and off grid sites.
  • Bigger turbines : Designing a 5m turbine.
  • Additional resources : Lightning, generators, batteries.
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