Use guide to Discord ‘WE workspace’

Check this short video on how to enter the WE workspace on Discord!

Discord is a tool for both synchronous and asynchronous communication between multiple people. It is a way of organizing an effort in thematic sections, avoiding, among other things, email exchange, which can be tedious and difficult to follow.

WE Workspace is the area we created on Discord for the communication of the Wind Empowerment community. 

Join WE workspace here!

Once you’ve created a Discord account, you can choose to run it in your browser or install the Discord app. The app gives you more customization options, such as using a camera during meetings. Download the desktop app here.

Once you enter the workspace

The workspace is divided into communication-themed categories, which contain text and voice channels. You just have to click on a voice or text channel to enter it. You can stay connected to a voice channel while navigating on different text channels.

Everyone in the workspace can create new voice or text channels in the Members category, in a new category or independently. Channels can be public (accessible to everyone in the workspace) or private (access restricted to specific users).

Private Channels are appropriate for direct and close communication between people who do not need to share this communication with the whole WE workspace. For example, WE board members have a private channel for their internal communication, where they discuss organizational things without burdening the “public sphere” of the rest of the workspace.

If you want to create a new private channel, you will need to contact an Administrator/Moderator to give access only to your selected users.

The channels as they are currently set up are as follows:

For the monthly WE board meetings we use the WE board meetings voice room and WE board meetings chat room.

If you do not have access to any of the channels that interest you, please send a notification, either to the General channel or by email to In the latter case, please check your provider’s Spam folder.

General rules for WE workspace users:

• We are kind to everyone.

• We try to be short

• We take some care that the issues we post to each channel are relevant to the channel’s topic, so that we don’t spoil the structure and not burden the process of searching and finding.

• We try our best that our actions in the workspace follow the principles of openness, sharing and good intention.

• We try not to upload files directly to the chat. We prefer to send a link to the files after we have uploaded them elsewhere e.g. Google Drive. In this way we don’t burden the server on which Discord is located.

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