Maintenance Working Group

The maintenance working group aims is to help people to do the maintenance by giving them tools, knowledge, feedback, people's help

Our mission is achieved by creating a feedback loop that gathers experience from existing installations and directly informs maintenance practices, therefore empowering people to deal with failures of equipment that is already in the field more effectively.

This feedback loop would encompass both the association’s member organisations and turbine owner. As a consequence, collecting feedback directly from the end-users of the technology themselves offers them agency to declare what is working and what isn’t for them and therefore influence the future direction of this constantly evolving open source technology. What is more, it will also enable the rethinking of future projects, so that the technology is designed and implemented in such a way that the major causes of failure are eliminated.

Our maintenance manual is out. It now exist in three languages :

English Maintenance-manual-v3.2.1-web

Spanish Manual-de-mantenimiento-web-3.0

French Maintenance-manual-french-v3.0web (1)

  • The data base. Every turbine owner is invited to fill this database. This problem and solution sharing will be very helpful for maintenance.

If you have a problem with your turbine and you don’t know how to fix it, if you fine a solution to fix your turbine, if you want to share something regarding maintenance : go to the forum.

Please note: we have separate discussion forums for general discussion, for each of our working groups and for our executive board (members only).

If you have any questions or ideas for the technology working group, send an email to the work group coordinator:

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