I-love-Windpower Tanzania Monitoring and Maintenance

Roland Valckenborg

Proposal number:02
Revision number:00
Proposal owner:Almira Brahim
Background:Describe the background situation that leads to this project proposal – why should we do this?n the last year the Tanzanian branch of I-love-Windpower installed eight windturbines in remote areas. One of the problems the organization is coming across is how to monitor these turbines. The communication channels are not reliable and the anemometer and the energy output meters are not connected to the internet. Therefore collecting data is difficult and takes a lot of time. The data that can be collected from these turbines is important to gather information about how the turbines perform.


Another issue that has come up is maintenance. Because of the communication channels and cultural differences the maintenance process is not efficient at the moment. Often it’s unclear what the problem is with the turbines, if it’s really broken and what kind of service is needed. The organization is hiring a specialist to help set up an asset management framework, which makes maintenance much more transparent and predictable.

Objective:This research has several objectives:


  • Learn the organizational structure of I-love-Windpower Tanzania (every aspect of it)
  • Analyze the performance of the windturbines
  • Improve the maintenance process
  • Improve the monitoring process
  • Gather information that’s useful for the Asset Management Framework
Description deliverable: Describe the product outcome of the project – what will be delivered, and in which format?The delivarable is an elaborate report which creates an understanding of the current I-love-Windpower organization in Tanzania and how the turbines currently are monitored and maintained. It furthermore will contain analyses of which the results show possible improvements to the current situation.
Approach: Described the methodology to be used in the project – how are we going to achieve our targets?The first stage of the internship will be executed in the Netherlands. The scope of the research, a detailed research objective and research questions will be formulated. Furthermore some of the first analyses, for which basic information is needed from I-love-Windpower Tanzania, will also be performed.


The second stage of the internship will take place in Tanzania. Here two weeks will be spend on collecting data from the windturbines. More information will be gathered locally for more analyses. After a total period of a month in Tanzania conclusions and recommendations about the organization and the issues of monitoring and maintenance will be drawn and written in the report.

Estimated capacity & competences needed:There will be one person working on this research. Extensive cooperation is needed from the organization in order
to gain information
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