Asset Management for locally built small wind turbines

Piet Willem Chevalier

Proposal number:08
Revision number:00
Proposal owner:Piet Willem Chevalier
Background:Describe the background situation that leads to this project proposal – why should we do this?SWT are being built and installed by different groups in different countries. After installation proper maintenance needs to be ensured during its operational life time. When proper maintenance is lacking, it could end up in a very costly situation. New groups that learned how to built wind turbines in general have little experience in addressing the correct focus points and how to check smartly for maintenance. A customized maintenance scheme based on experience and a written “getting started” manual could benefit these groups.
Objective:Provide know-how on smart maintenance on SWT
Description deliverable: Describe the product outcome of the project – what will be delivered, and in which format?Derive and write a maintenance scheme that is customized for SWT. The derivation can come from input from interviewing experienced people in combination with tools as FTA (Fault Tree Analysis), FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis), RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and Risk Based Management. Furthermore DRA (Design Risk Assessment) could challenge the design to decrease the probability of a failure mechanism, enhance the detectability upfront of a failure of decrease the severity of the consequence when a failure occurs.
Approach: Described the methodology to be used in the project – how are we going to achieve our targets?1. Study available existing tools (FTA, FMEA, RCA, RBM, DRA, ..)2. Study small windturbine3. Make selection of appropriate tools and identify needed input4. Present to group where maintenance and SWT specialists are present


5. Revise maintenance program with useable feedback

6. Make DRA and present to group of specialists (brainstorm/brainwrite or use morpholgic chart to explore solution space for inventions to minimize risk)

7. Detail invention (engineer)

8. Document and give final presentation (Webinar)

Estimated capacity & competences needed:1. Msc student (9 months)2. Daily university supervisor


3. Bi weekly contact point maintenance specialist (more time consuming at beginning)

4. Bi Weekly contact point SWT specialist (more time consuming at beginning)

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