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Location: Dodoma, Tanzania
Date of Installation: 29th February 2012

  • The turbine was installed at a facility that belongs to the Vocational Education & Training Authority (VETA) and where the training of teachers is undertaken, in the hope this would encourage better dissemination of the technology
  • The project was financed by Public-Private Partnership and was so successful VETA decided it will install piggott style turbines in each VETA school located in a suitable site.

Energy Demand

  • Security lights of part of the building.
  • Can work now autonomous on battery power so become independent from unreliable grid.

Equipment installed

Piggott turbine:

  • Rotor diameter: 3m
  • Tower height: 12m
  • Tower type: gin-poled
  • System voltage: 24V
  • Battery capacity: 110Ah / 2640 Wh
  • Inverter capacity: 350W
  • Vane: Plywood 12mm
  • Gasket and car hub Toyota Carolla Mark II


  • The end user does not pay for electricity
  • The project was financed by Public-Private Partnership: Funds from ETC, Netherlands and Tanzanian Ministry in charge of Vocational Education

Ownership & Management

  • Ownership: Vocational Education & Training Authority (VETA) institute
  • Operation& Maintenance: Easy, as the wind turbine is installed at the training location of the teachers themselves! Situation comparable with European situation at which the educated owner of the turbine is living close to his own turbine.

Problems & Solution

This turbine works very well, but is unfortunately NOT representative for many other installations that ILWP-Tanzania did. The contribution of Roland Valckenborg of ILWPT to the 2nd WE-conference in Athens will talk about this subject with many many details!


  • This is about ToT=Training of Teachers, which is widely used in helping developing countries. By training of the trainers, you have the possibility of disseminating knowledge even more efficiently.
  • We are especially proud of this wind turbine & training, as it has led to the decision of VETA HQ to adopt the Piggott-type of wind turbines for ALL VETA schools in the windy areas of Tanzania. This could lead to more than 100 students every year educated in small scale wind turbine technology suited for developing country Tanzania.

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