Our values


Wind Empowerment members spread all over the world. In our countries and regions there are different stories and cultures, we may have different religious beliefs and political systems, different languages, different needs, different ways of life. But there are also things that unite us and things that we feel alike: the passion for sharing knowledge, the joy of working together, the motivation for finding sustainable solutions to complex problems. 


The 8 guiding principles of our charter…

Image courtesy: Roland Beile / Tripalium

1. Open information sharing

2. Respect licensing rights where they exist

"the art and practice of living together"

3. Work together collaboratively

4. Accept different views and different communication and work styles

5. Work for the success of all

6. Inclusivity: get others to join and collaborate with association

7. Make a reasonable effort to build consensus on decisions

Wind Empowerment shares the vision for a sustainable and worth-sustaining world, which is very well depicted by Kate Raworth in her Doughnut presentation of human activity.

Sustainability has become a political idea, pertaining to the vision we have for human activity and our relation with the world. While it began with efforts to limit impacts of human activities on the environment, so that our activities can be sustainable, it soon embodied also the vision of a just world, meaning that human activities should ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

Wind Empowerment’s criteria for decision making are guided by this vision, striving to act in ways that contribute to a sustainable and just world. All major decisions are scrutinised by the board of trustees to ensure our ethical guidelines and interest of members are sufficiently considered.

The Doughnut of social and planetary boundaries (K. Raworth, 2017)

8. Act ethically

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