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Current collaborations of the association

Project: School for Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology

No electricity, no water, poor sanitation, disease, and little prospect of a job-so does the everyday life for most people in rural areas in developing countries. So also in Cameroon, where have currently (2010) only 22% of the population has access to electricity.

Technology transfer is one of the key issues for the future and developing countries such as Cameroon. Only with the creation of local expertise and knowledge prior to (environmentally friendly) technology site, can sustainable development be possible. This mainly included the training and knowledge transfer in renewable energy and other environmentally friendly technologies on site. The association GREEN STEP eV it has set itself the task of precisely this knowledge that is in developed countries for most people, easily accessible and is mediated by the education systems, to bring to the places where this knowledge can be used optimally and local production and thereby value creation is possible on site. It’s not about the duplication of European knowledge, but to the teaching and development of appropriate technology, which is adapted to local conditions.

In 2008/2009 the club was formed from among 35 other craftsmen in the construction of small wind turbines and support them with micro credit, to be able to build with the knowledge and provide a livelihood to rural areas with electricity. The winning project was a success. However, 35 artisans, a drop in the bucket.

The School for Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology, Cameroon in particular to allow hands-on training. Therefore, it is important that students get an early insight into the production and distribution, installation and maintenance of technical products. Since there are few firms in Cameroon, producing and distributing technical products or the production, sales and installation process incorporated into the school. So the school is not only renewable energy technology will teach, but even act as a producer and distributor of micro hydro power plants and solar thermal systems for hot water production. In this operation, the students right from the start. The profits from the sale will go back as an additional source of income in the school system. Thus, the long-term secured financing of the School and the school will be independent from foreign donors.

Project Partners

Engineers Without Borders e.V.
Responsible for the planning and support of expertise in the areas of: Picohydroentwicklung, financing, business plan development, public relations and in customized renewable energy technology.

Sultan of Bamoun
Support of the construction project, coordination of applications to local planning authorities, is land available.

Technical University of Munich, Faculty of platform development cooperation
A thesis for the creation of the energy concept of the school was awarded; project is a study and then a final paper on the feasibility study for a hydroelectric power plant for energy supply of the school and their implementation, if it proves feasible.

Letter of Intent

University of Regensburg
Thesis on the development and evolution of the school to be produced Picohydroanlage. Topic: Development and implementation of the generator and power electronics, a small water turbine for decentralized energy supply.

Letter of Intent

University of Guelph
Thesis on the development and evolution of the school to be produced Picohydroanlage. Topic: mechanics of a small water turbine for decentralized energy supply.

Support the project in Cameroon, Project Coordination in Cameroon, contacts with local, regional and national information flyer to the school in Cameroon.

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