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Welcome to Windempowerment's Wiki!

Here we can build up some common knowledge base on locally manufactured small wind turbines (LMSWT). Exciting isn't it ?

You can upload content in your own language and translate it later in english if you wish, thanks to our translation plugin. You can also directly import documents to the wiki format thanks to the “import” function on the right of the editing window.

If you have any question about how dokuwiki works, jump to the documentation page. If you have any questions regarding the Wind Empowerment Wiki in particular, jump to the Frequently Asked Questions


Contribution philosophy

A good thing about wikis is their “informal” aspect that makes it easy for anyone to participate. On wikis, it is ok to make mistakes. The community is there to check. So don’t be afraid to participate. Of course, if you don’t know what you are talking about you'd better ask some help if you wish to document something. The confidence of the community about the content will depend on the quality of the content and its reliability. But better do something and risk to make mistakes than do nothing, right ?


Referecing is good practice… To be completed.

How to contribute

If you would like to imagine and manage this wiki with us you can :

If you just want to upload content without taking part of the wiki management this is fine. But the more people stay up to date with the mailing list, the more coherent will be the wiki.

Contribution guidelines

* Reference your work as much as possible

To be documented

  • Piggott design
  • Charge controller principles (PWM dump load)

In progress

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