WISIONS of Sustainability

Country: Germany

Address: Döppersberg 19, 42103 Wuppertal, Germany

Email: info@wisions.net

Website: https://www.wisions.net/

The WISIONS initiative has been actively promoting the introduction of sustainable energy solutions and resource efficiency since 2004. During these years, WISIONS has not only become well established, it has also learned a lot about the barriers that still hinder the widespread dissemination of sustainable energy solutions and successful implementation models, especially in developing countries and emerging economies.

The project WindWorks is a Regional Partnership within the WISIONS initiative that aims at moving the development of small-scale wind turbines forward in Latin America. It shall speed up their regional deployment by facilitating learning and knowledge exchange among regional stakeholders. For this purpose, outcomes of the Partnership will be actively communicated and disseminated to relevant regional stakeholders. WindWorks is conducted in collaboration with Green Empowerment.

Other features of WISIONS are:

  • a need-oriented Technology Radar to identify those technologies that can be used to meet our energy needs, today and in the future
  • a Sustainable Energy Project Support (SEPS) which supports the implementation of new and innovative sustainable energy projects
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