Small wind for powering off-grid communities – Market assessment methodology and cases from Peru

Presented on 5 August 2020. Jointly organized by WISIONS of Sustainability and Wind Empowerment.

Alfie Alsop (Treasurer at Wind Empowerment executive board; PhD candidate at Strathclyde University)
Kimon Silwal (Secretary at Wind Empowerment executive board; Company manager KAPEG)
Heduardo Vargas (Co-founder Microgrids for Sustainability; Project engineer Waira Energia, Peru)
Jose-Armando Gastelo Roque (Co-founder Microgrids for Sustainability)
Gandhi Alva (Anthropologist; Head of Community Project Development Area at WindAid Institute)
Willington Ortiz (Research associate at Wuppertal Institute; WISIONS initiative)

Off-grid electrification solutions powered by renewable energy technologies are increasingly recognized as the most suitable alternative for reaching a great portion of the 800 million people lacking access to electricity today. In regions with suitable wind resources, and with appropriate planning, off-grid small wind turbines can provide significant contributions to closing the energy access gap.

  • How can the potential contribution of small wind for electrification schemes be assessed?
  • What should be considered in order to ensure that small wind turbines effectively contribute to close the energy access gap?
  • How can the benefits of small wind power be maximised?
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