Overview of the Vocational Training and Education for Clean Energy (VOCTEC) program in Arizona State University

Rim Razzouk is a Senior Instructional Designer at Arizona State University. In her current position, Rim leads the curriculum development and the assessment and evaluation processes for the VOCTEC (Vocational Training and Education for Clean Energy) project. She is also responsible for the data analyses and the write up of research reports for the purpose of continuous curriculum improvement. Rim has a PhD in Instructional Systems from the Florida State University (FSU). She also holds a M.Sc degree in Instructional Systems and a Certificate in Human Performance Technology from FSU, and a B.Sc in Information Technology from Notre Dame University, Lebanon.

This webinar will introduce the Vocational Training and Education for Clean Energy (VOCTEC) program, led by Arizona State University with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). VOCTEC aims to improve the sustainability of renewable energy infrastructure and investments in developing countries by increasing awareness, knowledge and capacity of local stakeholders, primarily in decentralized clean energy technologies.The purpose of this webinar is to provide an overview about the VOCTEC program and the importance of such programs in developing countries, share lessons learnt and best practices from trainings that have been conducted in the Pacific Islands, Africa and other places.

The webinar can be viewed below.

Any questions or comments get in touch: Rim.Razzouk@asu.edu.

Dr. Rim Razzouk

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