Open Source Data-logging

Matt Little ended the first series of the webinars with a presentation on the open source data logger project. In it he discussed how it started, sensors, the technical details, parts required, data analysis and also what else needs to be done and how people can engage with the project.

The accurate measurement of the available wind resource is essential to the installation and long-term suitability of small-wind systems. Where the size, and hence the cost, of the system is very small then the cost of resource monitoring can become a large part of the overall cost, and is usually not performed. Using low-cost and open-source hardware, a simple but robust data-logging platform has been developed. This can be used with different sensors to measure different renewable energy sources including wind speed and direction. This presentation includes the development of the platform so far, technical design details, some results and analysis from testing ‘in the field’, further work and explains how people can get involved with the project.

More information about the project can be found here, and the webinar can be viewed below.

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Dr. Matt Little

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