How the WindAid Institute volunteers create an impact on Peruvian families via the wind turbines they build

Jessica Rivas presented the second webinar in Spanish on How the WindAid Institute volunteers create an impact on Peruvian families via the wind turbines they build.

This presentation gives an insight on how the WindAid projects are organized with a hands-on approach to volunteering. Volunteers, whether highly trained, or with no experience at all, get an ‘under the skin’ experience. The monthly projects take four weeks during which we spend roughly 3/4 of the time in the workshop in Trujillo, Peru building turbine(s) with a small staff including locals, while having the opportunity to visit local attractions and historical landmarks.  The last week is spent with the community getting to know them and installing the turbine. The volunteers also participate in the pre-planning with communities while they are here, either for their install, or the following one.  We perform scheduled maintenance, which we have tried to integrate with the volunteer program, as we feel it is important to appreciate this aspect of wind energy. We have been redoubling our efforts to put the wind turbines we install under the understanding and control of the communities we work with, empowering them not only with electricity, but independence, knowledge, and work skills.  This has been invaluable for not only the communities, but the volunteers to get to be involved in providing energy independence, and the appreciation to integrate with, and understand how communities use the turbines.

More information about the WindAid projects can be found here, and the webinar can be viewed below.

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