Different Blade Designs for a downwind Hugh Piggott turbine

Jorge Ayarza and a team of Engineering students from India and the US have been helping Minvayu develop a downwind Hugh Piggott turbine. They will discuss the design philosophy (2 or 3 bladed, flexible bamboo and fiberglass blades) and will show some of the current designs. First prototype is a 2m diameter turbine. Inspiration for the turbine comes from Carter, Proven, Vergnet.

Jorge Ayarza has worked for the last 25 years in small hydro, solar and wind energy.  He began his work building pico hydro turbines in Ecuador.  Solar and wind energy experience was obtained working in the US for the American Wind Energy Association and Southwest Windpower.  Worked in all of Latin America doing trainings and installing systems in primarily rural areas.  He worked for the Peace Core and UNDP as technical expert for the Rapid comercialization fo renewable energy in Beijing, China.  His most recent work is in India where he started Minvayu as a open source training program for rural entrepreneurship with the aim to develop small wind turbine manufacturers in rural areas of India.  Jorge lives in Auroville, south India.

Ryan Schuessler is a recent engineering graduate of University of Dayton, USA.  He has spent the last 3 months volunteering at Minvayu and his focus has been to develop a efficient 2 bladed flexible blade for use on a downwind turbine.  His contribution is to develop a stall regulated blade for Hugh Piggott turbines.

More information about the project will be uploaded soon, the webinar can be viewed below.

Any questions or comments get in touch: jorge.ayarza@gmail.com

Jorge Ayarza

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