Kick-Starter Projects

During 2016, WISIONS funded Wind Empowerment with 4,500 EUR per WG in order to kick-start their activities with a key project. The association has seen its WGs progress towards their visions by achieving some concrete tasks, which are outlined below. Click on the project names to go to their specific page.

Working GroupProject nameParticipating  organizationsAuthorsStatus
MeasurementReview of Standards for Small Wind Turbine Measurements and User SurveysRurERG, Nea Guinea, INTI, Various WE member organizationsNasos Vassilakis, Thomas Pazios100%
TechnologyDesign of a Simple Diversion Charge ControllerTi‘eole, Various WE member organizationsJay Hudnall, Clement Gangneux100%
MaintenanceMaintenance Manual and User SurveysTripalium, Various WE member organizations Gaël Cesa, Marie Laure, Jérôme Stravilla, Luiz Fernando Villa100%
Delivery ModelsGuide to the Delivery Models Applied by Wind Empowerment Member Organizations500RPM, RurERG, Various WE member organizationsGuillermo Pleitavino,   Katerina Troullaki100%
Market AssessmentSmall Wind for Rural Development in the Global South: Assessing the MarketStraclyde University, EWB-UK, I-Love-Wind-PowerAlfred Alsop, Aran Eales, Jon Sumanik-Leary, Jon Persson, Isabel Ruiz Almeyda100%
EducationA Digital Platform for Sharing Educational MaterialTiole Ecole, Wind MobileAurélie Guibert, Guy Putz30%
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