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We upload videos from webinars, conferences and events, videos that members share and videos from collaborative and individual members’ projects. All videos are stored in the Wind Empowerment YouTube channel and organised in playlists by category.

EuroTrip 2017 – Brussels & Luxembourg
SEPS Project Collaboration in Puerto Natales, CHILE
Conference Kick-Off Video by Cutral Co
Smart Villages video on I Love Windpower Tanzania

WE Athens Conference 2014

WEAthens2014: Tom Dixon, V3 Power, UK
WEAthens2014: Luis Valdés, CELTAB, Brazil
WEAthens2014: Marko Bosman, Schoondijke Test Field, Netherlands
WEAthens2014: Matt Little, RE Innovation, UK
WEAthens2014: What is Wind Empowerment?
WEAthens2014: Education WG Summary
WEAthens2014: Delivery Models WG Summary
WEAthens2014: Technology WG Summary
WEAthens2014: Market Assessment WG Summary
WEAthens2014: Maintenance WG Summary
WEAthens2014: Measurement WG Summary
WEAthens2014: Jay Hudnall (Tripalium) & Jack Howe (V3 Power)
WEAthens2014: Market Assessment & Delivery Models WG Discussion Session
WEAthens2014: Thanos Kanatsoulis – Rurerg/NTUA
WEAthens2014: Kostas Latoufis – Rurerg/NTUA
WEAthens2014: Noam Dotam – Comet-ME
WEAthens2014: Esteban Van Dam – Eolocal
WEAthens2014: Jorge Ayarza – MinVayu
WEAthens2014: Piet Willem Chevalier – I Love Wind Power
Hugh Piggott, Scoraig Wind Electric (Scotland)
WEAthens2014: Katerina Troullaki – Rurerg/NTUA
WEAthens2014: Luciana Proietti, 500RPM
WEAthens2014: Benoit Lime, EolEcole
WEAthens2014: Education WG Discussion Session
WEAthens2014: Elad Orian, Comet-ME
WEAthens2014: Jessica Rivas, WindAid
WEAthens2014: Cheikh Mouhammed Fadel, EolSenegal/CIFRES
WEAthens2014: Roland Valckenborg, I Love Windpower Tanzania
WEAthens2014: Maintenance – Discussion
WEAthens2014: Gael Cesa, Tripalium, (France)
WEAthens2014: Pedro Neves, Blue Energy Nicaragua/Germany/Portugal
WEAthens 2014: Aran Eales, V3 Power
WEAthens 2014: Andres Zappa, INTI
WEAthens2014: Jon Sumanik-Leary, The University of Sheffield & EWB-UK
WEAthens2014: Zoe Ben, CAT

Kimon Silwal, KAPEG (Nepal)

Emmanuel Muzaber, EWB Patagonia, (Argentina)

Official opening ceremony of WEAthens2014, Kostas Latoufis, NTUA & Nea Guinea

WEAthens2014: Michel Bauwens, P2P Foundation

WEAthens 2014: Udaya Hettigoda, Hettigoda Energy Technologies

In 1999, the international NGO, ITDG (now Practical Action) contracted Hugh Piggott as a design consultant to travel to Sri Lanka with the aim of disseminating  small wind turbine technology for the development of rural areas. Hugh trained Udaya Hettigoda, who has now manufactured, installed and maintained over 40 small wind turbines. Find out more about the technology transfer project on Practical Action’s web site or in another of Hugh’s books, Small Wind Systems for Rural Energy Services. Here is some background information of the aims & practical implementation of the project. Udaya was intending to attend Wind Empowerment’s 2nd Global Conference, WEAthens2014, however due to visa complications, he was unable to make it. Instead, he would like to share his work with the rest of the association through a series of photos and videos. They show his unique manufacturing process, which is based upon an early version of what became Hugh Piggott’s famous recipe book machine.

Stage 1: fibreglass and resin casting of stator and rotor discs and blades
Magnet rotor
Back rotor
Front rotor
Front rotor part 1
Stage 2: assembly and installation of the finished product
WEAthens2014 Michel Bauwens, P2P Foundation
WEAthens 2014 Michel Bauwens, P2P Foundation
Production Tooling in Dakar
Welding the 3600 on Scoraig
Crann og 4800 diameter turbine
Homebuilt Wind Generators 2010
blueEnergy at Solar Energy International
Making the 4200 Blades with a jig
A wind solar hybrid was installed at Komic Monastery in Spiti
Formation auto-construction éolienne à la Frenaie
Home made wind turbine Nicaragua
James Low on turbines for rural electrification
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