The Alternative Technology Center

Country: South Korea

Address: Sancheong, Kyungnam, South Korea



The Wind Turbine Workshop teaches participants to construct an Axial Flux Wind Turbine, by the design of inventor Hugh Piggott. Participants in this workshop learn about woodwork, welding, and electricity. The blades of the turbine are made of wood and the generator is made using copper wire and magnets. The amount of electricity that this turbine can produce varies depending on where it is used. In the Sancheong area of Kyungnam, our turbines can produce about 500 watts of power. On the Scottish seacoast where Hugh Piggott first designed and built this style of turbine, it can produce 1 kilowatt. This workshop is ideal for DIY people who love to learn new ways to apply their skills in the areas of carpentry, welding, and electric work.

What We Do

  1. Developing Alternative Technology Solution– We research and develop alternative technology solutions to the problems caused by the energy crisis and by climate change. We then take these solutions and share them with the public and specifically the third world. Our society has become desperately dependent on fossil fuels. These fossil fuels will not last forever, and they are destroying the world we depend on for survival. We believe alternative technology is an essential part of the solution to the world’s energy and environmental problems.
  2. Equipping the Third World– We supply resources and education for other NGOs who are working to reduce poverty in the third world. We also invite individuals from third world countries to come and volunteer at the AT Center while living in The Dandelion Community. We support these individuals financially and give them the skills they will need to build and use alternative technology in their home country. Our technology is appropriate, intermediate technology. It is designed in such a way that it can be built and used in the third world. We resonate with those who are advocating for human scale development. We want to aid the third world in pursuing sustainable development that is not dependent on fossil fuels.
  3. Empowering through Education– We educate people from all walks of life, including alternative school students, NGO personnel, government officials, back-to-the-landers, and environmental activists. We run 7 different alternative energy workshops along with several renewable energy camps. We empower participants to be able to build and use the alternative energy solutions that we have researched and developed.
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