Tanzania Renewable Energy Association

Country: Tanzania

Address: P.O. Box 32643, 16106 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Email: info@tarea-tz.org

Website: https://www.tarea-tz.org/

Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA), a member based non-profit NGO was founded in the year 2000 and officially registered on 7th May 2001 by Tanzania Ministry of Home Affairs with number SA10900. The objective of TAREA is to promote the sustainable development of Renewable Energy Technologies in Tanzania Mainland. TAREA cooperates with all important enterprises in Tanzania, as well as (inter-)national organizations. The membership consist of individuals, renewable business companies and NGOs. TAREA has got a membership of more than 600 from within Tanzania and abroad.

Mission & Objective

The mission of TAREA is to promote and advocate the increased use of Renewable Energy by developing an effective network of members and stakeholders, emphasizing the need for quality and best practice throughout the sector. The objectives of the Association shall be to promote the sustainable development of Renewable Energy through the following:

  • To advance knowledge and skills.
  • To manage knowledge and disseminate information.
  • To network members and other key actors in the public and private sector.
  • To support the creation of an enabling environment and framework for a sustainable renewable energy market.
  • To support and encourage best practice, including development and enforcement of standards and codes of conduct.
  • To promote the local manufacture of Renewable Energy products and enterprise development in the Renewable Energy sector.
  • To facilitate market development of Renewable Energy technologies, applications and services.


TAREA strives for its mission by conducting several activities. Some activities are listed below.

  • Education and Research

To encourage research and education in renewable energy sector, TAREA cooperates with universities as well as the three Vocational Education Training Authority and Centres in promoting and implementing research and training in renewable energy technologies in Tanzania.

  • Information and Knowledge sharing

For members and stakeholders TAREA is using magazine, e-newsletter, emails and other communication channels to inform them about current news and events. Moreover there are frequently trainings, workshops and other events aiming the enlargement of knowledge and the improvement of its exchange. Besides there are many public relation activities for awareness creation and capacity building like TV and Radio live talks, village presentations, events like women engineering day, distribution of promotional materials and so on. Every year TAREA is organizing the 2-days exhibition called Renewable Energy Day.

  • Networking

The main function of TAREA is to connect all renewable energy stakeholders in the country and abroad who are interested in raising the renewable energy sector in Tanzania.

  • Representation

TAREA brings interests together and represents them extern through lobbying and advocacy on policy, legislation, regulations and standards in Renewable Energy.

  • Projects

TAREA is conducting own projects and is also supporting projects conducted by its members

  • Technical incubation

TAREA conducts program of internship of graduates of vocational schools and universities.

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