Wind turbine battery charge controller with continuous power optimizer

David Steen Pedersen

Proposal number:10
Revision number:00
Proposal owner:David Steen Pedersen
Background:Describe the background situation that leads to this project proposal – why should we do this?Wind turbines that charge batteries need a controller to protect their batteries from being over charged. Commercial available controllers are relatively expensive compared with the sub component prices. Furthermore the windturbine design is optimilized to gain maximum power at a certain windspeed.A controller could try to continuously find the maximum power output by using a bucket (electronic) transformer and steer the voltage output that is connected to the battery. This changes the resistence of the battery, thereby changing the rotatonal speed of the rotor.
Objective:Make controller that optimizes operation of the turbine for all windspeeds such that it will harvest more energy per year. Make sure that the investment is smaller than the energy gain: levelized cost of energy should go down after implementation.
Description deliverable: Describe the product outcome of the project – what will be delivered, and in which format?Design and test a low budget controller that protects your batteries from overcharging and at the same time continuously is looking to gain maximum power.
Approach: Described the methodology to be used in the project – how are we going to achieve our targets?1. Gather existing designs


2. Make concept design and look for existing types of components w spec ranges

3. Make variations with BOM and make criteria matrix (robust, cheap efficienct, range, modular expandable, etc)

4. Present and discuss to group of specialists

5. Select best Design & build

6. Test regulator static

7. Design and setup measurement scheme and test controller in wind tunnel

8. Design and setup measurement scheme and test controller in field in 3-5 different places. (f.x. Schoondijke NL, Ejstrupholm DK, in future two parallel similar WT for testing)

Estimated capacity & competences needed:1. Msc student (9 months)


2. Daily university supervisor (f.x. PhD)

3. Bi weekly contact point SWT specialist (more time consuming at beginning)

4. Bi Weekly contact point electronic specialist (more time consuming at beginning)

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