WEIndia2018 Thank you Letter from the Coordinator


I cannot believe a month has gone by since the ending of the Small Wind Turbines events in Chennai. It feels like it was just a week ago I was still there with all the Wind Empowerment members, participants and NIWE staff.

I would like to begin by expressing my sincerest thanks to all of the NIWE staff that worked so hard day and night to make all of the little details happen, I was so blessed to be able to see (and be part of some) the endless hours of dedication they put into this conference, without their help and funny moments my first two weeks in Chennai wouldn’t have been as memorable, many thanks also to the canteen ladies for making sure I didn’t go hungry or without my chai tea and the ladies working outside who always made sure to greet me in the morning with the most beautiful smiles I’ve seen in India!

Thank you to Jorge Ayarza for inviting us to India and allowing us to see his work with Minvayu. It is always a pleasure to be able to see the work our members are doing in their countries. From NIWE and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy I would also like to thank the leadership team, Mr. Hari Bhaskaran, Mr. David Solomon, Dr. P. Kanagavel and Director K. Balaraman for working with me and making sure the agendas were set, speakers were in place and organizing the events. We can’t forget Ali, who made sure we had all our workshop spaces in place. Please forgive me if I don’t mention you specifically by name but trust me when I say thank you so much for all the kindness provided to me and my team during our time there.

From KCG College we would like to thank every organizer, professor, student and department chair that made our community event such a wonderful experience. We are looking forward to collaborating in the future, especially creating links and possibly partnerships with other universities projects.  

A big thanks to WISIONS from the Wuppertal Institute in Germany for their support in helping this event possible for WE and all of India! Without their help we would not have been able to provide the funding that ensured we were able to bring as many of our members as possible.

Panelist and participants a big thank you for your collaboration and participation. Without you guys there wouldn’t be an event on Small Wind turbines. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and eagerness to move wind forward even on those rainy days, the sun didn’t stop shining and the wind certainly kept blowing!

Most of all I would like to thank my entire WE family, whom traveled from all around the world to be there with us to teach, demonstrate and most of all empower. Without your daily encouragements, funny moments, and motivation to strive for what we set out to do I don’t think I would have been able to achieve everything we did with a nice big smile. Thank you so much for being there making a unique experience possible for all involved. I cannot forget to thank Hugh Piggott, his recipe book continues to travel the world, and for that and more we thank him.

Wind Empowerment hopes that these events will be the first step on a positive direction moving small wind forward in India.

The workshops and conference have generated great interest and momentum. It is now our responsibility to keep the momentum going. Over 40 countries were represented, now we all have the tools and knowledge to share what we learned in Chennai with the people back home.

Our goals for this conference was to share knowledge and share our experience with an international audience of enthusiasts and practitioners. We feel we have succeeded on these goals and for all of that we thank you!

Only working together can we advance small scale wind power and rural electrification.  It’s a journey we’re making together all over the world, learning from each other and working with each other across borders and time-zones. With so many brilliant and dedicated people pushing this forward, the future is certainly exciting!

We hope opportunities are seized and in a few years we will have the pleasure of hosting one of your presentations showcasing projects that started in India.

Thank you, merci, gracias, nanri – on behalf of the Wind Empowerment team, to every one of you all part of this unique opportunity.

Until we meet again!

Jessica C. Rivas 

Wind Empowerment 
Executive Board Coordinator

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