WE Needs YOU! 2016 Executive Board Elections

Wind Empowerment is looking for highly motivated individuals who have a passion for locally manufactured small wind turbines and poverty alleviation to carry out the following roles on its Executive Board:

To apply for one (or more) of the roles listed above, please send the following information to info@windempowerment.org by 31st October:

  • What is your full name?
  • Which position are you applying for? Where appropriate, please submit 2 or more separate responses if you intend to apply for 2 or more positions.
  • What have you contributed to Wind Empowerment so far? [100 word max.]
  • What experience and qualities do you have that make you a strong candidate for this position? [100 word max.]
  • What would you do in the next 2 years if you were elected into this position? [100 word max.]

About the Executive Board and the Election Process

On behalf of its members, the Wind Empowerment association is run by the Executive Board. Wind Empowerment is registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) in the UK, which means that the Executive Board report directly to the Board of Trustees. At our upcoming biennial conference, WEPatagonia2016, we will be hosting our Annual General Meeting (AGM), during which a new Executive Board will be appointed. This new Executive Board will run the association for the next 2 years, until our next biennial conference in 2018.

Ideally, the decision as to who will take on each role will be reached by consensus, however if there are multiple candidates for any one particular role, then an election will take place. According to WE’s constitution, each Wind Empowerment Member Organisation that is classified as a non-profit will get one vote. The AGM will take place from 14:30-19:00 on Wednesday 16th November and remote participation by Skype (or equivalent) will be possible.

Currently our Executive Board is made up of a Coordinator, Treasurer, Secretary, Technical Working Groups (WGs) Coordinator, Social WGs Coordinator, Web Master and Fundraiser

However we have proposed the following changes for 2016-18:

  1. Merging the Social and Technical WGs Coordinator roles to create a single WGs Coordinator, reflecting the fact that many of the challenges that our WGs work towards solving have interrelated social and technical components.
  2. Creating a new Communications role. We are an international association that relies heavily on digital forms of communication as our members are scattered across the globe. This person will be responsible for ensuring that we communicate effectively within the association by finding innovative solutions to overcome language barriers and differences in time zones, working patterns and technical competency with digital tools. They will also be responsible for our external communications, by identifying our target audiences and developing innovative ways of delivering our key messages to them.

The Executive Board is currently run as a cooperative, with 3 days of paid staff time divided between the board’s 7 members and all paid at the standard WE day rate of £125. Currently this averages out at 1 day per week for the coordinator and 1/3 day per week for all other positions, however it will be up to the newly appointed Executive Board to decide by consensus whether to continue with this structure.

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