WE Executive board elections! Call for applications

The time has come again for Wind Empowerment elections!

Dear all,

In December WE will be hosting our Annual General Meeting (AGM), during which we will be holding elections for roles within the Executive Board of Wind Empowerment.

The Executive Board runs the day-to-day activities of the association. All roles in the Executive Board are open for applicants. Applications should be made to windempowerment.group@gmail.com, consisting of a short description of yourself and an explanation of how you feel you can contribute to the given role (or roles, if you wish to submit your candidacy for more than one role). The description for each of the available executive board roles are found in the links here:

Applicants should clearly state which role they are applying for, and make separate applications for each role for which they are applying. Previous holders of these roles are welcome to re-apply, but will be subject to the same scrutiny as all other candidates.

If you wish to submit an application for any of these roles, please do so until Sunday November 29th. This is the last day of the upcoming online WE conference –WEOnline2020– and on that day, during a live session, we are going to review the last 2-year term of the current board, review applications for the board roles, and openly discuss and decide the best structure for the future board. The session will be held as part of the conference, and you can also decide to apply for a role live, during that session, if you haven’t already done it over email.

After the end of the conference, the proposed structure for the Executive board and the candidates, will be shared with all members. The final decision will be taken during the AGM, which will take place 2 weeks later, in December (exact day and time to be announced).

All non-profit member organisations are eligible to vote in the election, with one vote per organisation. Individual members have no voting rights, although typically we endeavour to reach a consensus without need to invoke strict voting rules (i.e. excluding individual members from the decision making process). Voting members do not have to be present during the AGM to cast their vote. We will be taking email votes from November 29 and up until the AGM, for those unable to join us live, electronically.


If you have any questions, please address them to windempowerment.group@gmail.com, and we will try to reply promptly.


Many greetings from the last Wind Empowerment Executive board team 🙂


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