Save the dates! WEOnline2020


Save the date(s)!

We are glad to announce that WEOnline2020 conference will happen online on the two last weekends of November (21-22 & 28-29) 2020

This event comes from the wish to connect our international community despite the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. The main purpose of the conference is to create a space and time for the Wind Empowerment community to share their news and interact, during the event but also in the long-term. We are aiming at a convivial conference rather than a formal scientific conference.

This will take the form of a series of webinar sessions grouped by our working groups themes: Education, Technology, Market assessment, Delivery Models and Measurement. Moreover, time will be dedicated to association focused discussions to talk about who we are and reinforce the link between members. One or several “hackathons” could be launched on the first weekend and would run during the in-between week. The results could be presented during the second conference weekend by the different teams. We are looking for hackathons challenges: if you want to propose a challenge, you can do it until November the 8th.

Our Discord platform will be the gathering place to chat and take “virtual coffees”, work for hackathons, talk between the sessions, etc. 

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WEOnline2020 schedule outline

Time is gold, especially when attending an international digital event ! That’s why we kindly propose to you the following schedule :

  • Main collective events will be held during morning in South America, Afternoon in Africa and Europe, and evening in Asia. This is labeled as Gold Time, the time slot where all WindEmpowerment can unite remotely.
  • Extended time slots will possibly be used and the content will be recorded so that everyone as a chance to follow the discussions.
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