Call for papers – Wind Empowerment Conference 2018

WEIndia2018: Bringing small wind turbines up to scale


Call for papers

Small wind turbines are a mature technology suited for off-grid small rural electrification. Cheap and robust, these small wind turbines represent a very practical way to provide energy and technology independence for the sustainable development of local populations. However, the cost per kilowatt-hour produced by these wind turbines is not competitive due to the cheap photovoltaic panels currently available in the market.

In order to improve small wind turbine knowledge and technology, Wind Empowerment will organize its bi-annual conference of 2018 in India under the theme: Bringing Small Wind Up to Scale. Participants are welcome to submit papers which deal with how Small Wind turbines can be brought up to scale within six main themes:

  • Technology: Mechanical improvements of small wind turbine designs, power electronics applications for rural electrification, small wind turbine blade improvements and any relevant improvements

  • Measurement: Open-source electronics for datalogging, low-cost wind sensors, data treatment algorithms and any relevant improvements for measuring wind resources

  • Maintenance: Low-tech and low-cost methods for keeping track of the performances of wind turbines, observed issues on operating small wind turbines, returns of experience from small wind turbines and any relevant contributions

  • Market Assessment: Methods for assessing market for larger small wind turbines, methods for assessing possible market penetration of new technologies related to scaling small wind turbines and any returns from past market assessments

  • Delivery models: New methods to transfer technology which can improve scaling of small wind turbines, reports on how organizations on the field handle their delivery model, successful and unsuccessful delivery model returns of experience and any relevant information regarding delivery models and scaling

  • Education: New educational methods for transferring technology and training, training material issues related to scaling, training prerequisites in training for scaling, technical and social training for scaling.

The objective of the conference is to mix practice and theory. To stimulate this exchange, papers can be of two types: scientific and technical papers. Scientific papers should provide new ideas regarding any of the six themes above. Technical papers should provide practical evidence of activities in any of the six themes above. Both types of papers will be reviewed with the same scrutiny. Authors may choose between presenting their work during an oral presentation or a poster session.

Deadline for abstracts 30/9/2018

Deadline for full papers 30/10/2018

Deadline for posters 15/11/2018


Author’s guide can be found here:   link to author’s guide

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