Nea Guinea

Country: Greece




‘Nea Guinea’ is an non-profit organization (NPO) that was initiated in 2009 with the main objective of re-appropriating our everyday needs in terms of food, health, energy, shelter and clothing. Since then, the organization has been operating a number of projects developing different alternative practices and techniques on the previously mentioned subjects and also has been promoting these practices as tools for increasing self-sufficiency and resilience of people and communities in Greece. Our projects aim to inform, educate, encourage and support people in redefining their basic everyday practices and getting actively involved in different production processes in order to cover these needs, based on their individual or collective knowledge and their local resources, thus becoming less depended on the goods and services of the global industrial market.

The workshops that are currently in progress are:

  1. Workshops for the self-management of Food, mostly involved with permaculture design.
  2. Workshops for the self-management of Health, mostly involved with theoretical and practical lessons on herbal medicine and therapeutic massage
  3. Workshops for the self-management of Energy, mostly involved with the design and construction of small wind turbines, design and construction of small hydro turbines, construction of photovoltaic panels and design and installation of small scale hybrid systems.
  4. Workshops for the self-management of Shelter, mostly involved with natural building (cob, strawbale) and bioclimatic architecture.
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