Mopti – I Love Windpower Mali

Location: Mopti, Mali

Energy Demand

Meant for households and lightning of buildings. We get a lot of local requests for water pumping

Equipment installed

  • 7 “Malian Made” wind turbines manufactured by group: EOL Mali. None erected and in operation due to war and depleted funding
  • Original Piggott turbines in sizes of 1.8 to 4.2 meter. All for battery based systems (tristar voltage regulators)


Still in training and prototype phase (turbines made from Malian components and exposed to Malian conditions) so no commercial sold turbine yet

Ownership & Management

Still in training and prototype phase

Problems & Solution

Difficult to setup local management

  • Now looking for adequate person to become leader

Difficult to keep costs low due to corruption

  • Make many friends

Difficult to beat monopoly situation on local supply chain

  • Alter design to fit materials that are local abundant available: Example: Wooden & 3 legged guyed Tower

Difficult to disseminate ownership

  • Keep guiding and training.

Military coup and civil war introduces safety issues

  • Monitor situation closely, get Malian people to Holland or neutral ground


We focus on empowering the local people with the knowledge to make and install “Malian Made” windturbines

ILWP Mali Members page link

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