L & R Ingeniería

Country: Argentina

Address: Teofilo de Loqui 58, 9400 Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Argentina

Email: info@lyr-ing.com

Website: https://www.lyringenieria.com.ar/language/en/


L&R Ingeniería is a small company located in the South of Argentina (Patagonia). We have been working since 1997 with small hybrid (PV, Wind and Diesel) systems in our region, specializing in measurement and control systems to support their operation. 


We provide design, construction and supply of turnkey Data Acquisition systems for energy systems, based on own and commercial data loggers, with evaluation of associated uncertainties. Also using similar hardware as the turnkey systems, we offer units with open hardware and software for embedded systems in NGO, academic or research projects, especially those oriented to production or resource measurements in renewable energy conversion (wind an PV) low power equipment. We also offer current and voltage sensor boards, battery connected switching power supplies and mini-DC-UPSs for constant operation of measurement equipment. Since 2012, we provide the measurement systems for the INTI (National Industrial Technology Institute) Small Wind Turbine Test Site at Cutral Có in Neuquén. We also work in close relationship with the local Alternative Energy Group at UNPA (Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral) in Río Gallegos and San Julián.

We believe networking with people of similar interests and diverse technical and social skills worldwide can be an enormous asset for the future development or our organization, so this is our main motivation to apply for a WE membership.

Our organization can help with experience in small wind installations and measurement setups, specially in isolated and/or harsh environmental conditions. We are currently involved in two of the Wisions-supported SEPS projects for 2016 (Open Hardware for Small Wind, and the Piggot turbine construction and monitoring in the Ultima Esperanza, Chile region).

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