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WEOnline2020 Hackathons

November 21, 2020 @ 3:30 pm - November 27, 2020 @ 11:30 pm

The hackathons will be launched on Saturday November 21, during the conference opening!

WE Bookathon – Join our WE book on small energy system

Wind Empowerment is currently working on a multi-disciplinary book on small energy systems. This book will present how to make your own isolated system from A to Z.

The book will be divided into three section: pre-project, project and post-project. The pre-project part will cover all that should be done before building the system, including market assessment, resource assessment, delivery model assessment and long-term planning. The project part will cover all the technological and social choices regarding the installation; wind turbine sizing, battery sizing, choosing a delivery model, organizing the training session, documenting the installation for future maintenance and etc. The post-project part will focus on what to do once the installation is up and running. It will include maintenance, keeping track of the financial side of the delivery model, maintenance, impact assessment, system expansion planning and maintenance.

This bookathon session has the objective of matchmaking potential writers for the different chapters of the book with the book itself. The book structure will be presented during the first weekend of the WEOnline2020 conference. Those interested in participating will sign up for two to three working sessions to take place during the week in-between the two WEOnline2020 weekends. Each working session will be 45minutes to 1h30 long and will cover: group review of the book structure, quick one-paragraph drafting of the book’s sections and a general year-long planning for writing the rest of the book.

Our deliverable will be a short document containing our drafts and our writing schedule that I will then send to IET, the book’s editor.

Those who participate in writing the book will become co-authors, have their name on the book and get a hard copy for free.

Please join us and let’s write together!

Wiki Hackathon


 Wikipedia is currently having more than 300 thousands active users amongst the 92 millions registered users which led to about 6 million articles. What an incredible demonstration of collaboration to build common knowledge!

Appart from Wikipedia, a lot of other online communities like Fandom or Energypedia are using wikis to gather, structure and share their knowledge.

What if all Wind Empowerment (WE’s) community members upload the knowledge they would like to share with others ? What if you would like to learn a specific technique like blade injection molding, you just had to read a tutorial on the Wind Empowerment wiki ? What if we were dozens or hundreds to translate content about locally manufactured small wind turbines ? Wouldn’t it be a fantastic boost for this “technolosophy” ? Of course this platform does not have the vocation to compete with Piggott’s recipe book nor with any of WE’s hard work of that type, it is a complement, a considerable add-on.

Time for Wind Empowerment wiki has come. Sign up, upload, write, correct, share. And enjoy finding any tip, trick, method, tutorial about LMSWT… !

The WEOnline wiki Hackathon

 WEOnline2020 is a great opportunity to take the measure about the quantity of knowledge that sleeps in wardrobes within the community and could be shared with other organizations within Wind Empowerment an abroad.

We propose you to gather a team of wind friends around a coffee-wiki on Tuesday 24 November and on Thursday 26 November on the wiki room of the Wind Empowerment discord to brainstorm about the project.

A good thing about wikis is their “informal” aspect that makes it easy for anyone to participate. On wikis, it is ok to make mistakes. The community is there to check. So don’t be afraid to participate. The confidence of the community about the content will depend on the quality of the content and its reliability. But better do something and risk to make mistakes than do nothing, right?

Who says that hackathons should be a competition and should award a prize? WE propose a hackathon with collaboration and common knowledge output as a collective prize! Not too bad is it?

So, jump in, and get started here !


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November 21, 2020 @ 3:30 pm
November 27, 2020 @ 11:30 pm
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