Latoufis, K., Riziotis, V., Voutsinas, S., Hatziargyriou, N., 2019. Effects of Leading Edge Erosion on the Power Performance and Acoustic Noise Emissions of Locally Manufactured Small Wind Turbine Blades. J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1222, 012010.

The local manufacturing of small wind turbines has become increasingly popular over the last decade, among international networks of renewable energy practitioners, for the implementation of rural electrification applications. Locally manufactured small wind turbines (LMSWTs), used most frequently in off-grid battery based renewable energy systems, typically utilize wooden blades and coreless axial flux permanent magnet generators due to their simple manufacturing process and local availability of materials. In this paper the effects of leading edge erosion on locally manufactured small wind turbine blades are researched experimentally, both in terms of power performance and acoustic noise emissions. From the research it is concluded that a yearly maintenance of the wooden blades of a LMSWT can lead to less acoustic noise emissions and better power performance, with the latter becoming more significant as the mean wind speed of the installation site increases. For practitioners, installers and manufacturers of LMSWTs, these findings can significantly guide manufacturing processes and techniques in terms of preventing leading edge erosion, while also advising preventative maintenance procedures on the field, in order to keep small wind electric systems quiet and productive.

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