Construire une Eolienne

Tripalium worked on a revised version of the Hugh Piggott manual. Several chapters has been entirely modified : the tower construction, the electric installation and many others.

As the manual is used during training courses and by homebuilders we wanted to make it easier to understand and to use. We have tried to group together subjects which were separated in the original, document, and have tried to improve the look and the content. The new french manual is 112 pages. What has been changed and added:
• A section on presenting Tripalium our philosophy.
• Improving the global look and adding tabs on the side of the document to find directly the right chapter.
•Added techniques to building a turbine.
• A split view of the 1m20 turbine.
• Splitting off the 1m20 to a separate chapter.
• The order of chapters and contents.
• New pictures as well as added technical drawings.
• Adapted the materiel to our local situation (eg the hub).
• A new chapter for building a tower with different tower base design.
• A new chapter for the installation.
• Correction of the alternator design chapter.
• Addition of an annexes : sizing your project to your needs, troubleshooting and remedies, drawings of the rotor disk.

This poster was exhibited at the WEAthens2014 Conference at the National Technical University of Athens. Find out more here:

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