ACE - Aire de Conception Energétique

Country: France

Address: 21 Avenue des Martyrs, 38000 Grenoble



Hello there!
We are ACE, a student association located in Grenoble, France; more precisely, we
are from an engineering school called ENSE3, which mainly focuses on energy and
water management as well as how to preserve the environment.
ACE is quite a young association but we have grown ever since its creation.
Developing Piggott windmills is the reason why it was funded and is still at the heart
of our activities. Yet now that we have grown in size and tools, we have different
fields of activities, which consist of:
– Learning how to build Piggott windmills: from year to year, the oldest
members of the association share their knowledge with the new upcoming students.
We also installed a windmill on the roof of the school;
– Building up low-techs, for instance a solar oven or a rocket stove;
– Raising public awareness about the Piggott technology and low-techs in
general: we participate in science festival or directly at school;
– Developing international projects: some of our latest projects include training
Nepalese engineers and then building a Piggott windmill and installing windmills in a
Senegalese village to provide electricity;
РAnd finally Pôl’en, our latest activity center that organises conferences
and debates to discuss about environment and politics.
We want to strengthen our links with other WindEmpowerment members and are
excited and happy to participate in new cooperative projects!
If you want to know more about ACE and our projects, you can follow us on our
Instagram account @ace_cuse_moi. You can also contact us with our e-mail address:

Windily yours,
The ACE team

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