Building a list of member organisations

Here is a list of member organisations from the Dakar conference and I have added some names of organisations that I have just invited.  This is a work in progress and I plan to invite more soon.  See also the list of organisation links on the left hand side of the page.

I am very open to suggestions.  We now have 45 participants registered (individuals), most of them very quiet.  If any of you guys represent organisations who may wish to become members then please get in touch.  The site now has about 200 visits per day.

Organization Name Country of Wind Activity Website Contact Names
Attended Dakar      
Tripalium France Clement Joulain, Jay Hudnall
ÉolSénégal Sénégal Fadel, Marie-Laure
blueEnergy US, France, Nicaragua Mathias Craig
Ti’éole France Jay Hudnall
Scoraig Wind Electric Scotland Hugh Piggott
Otherpower US Dan Bartmann

Dan Fink

Solarmad Madagascar  
AJA Mali Mali Mr SARR
Comet Me Joint Initiative Israel/Palestine Noam Dotan
The Clean Energy Company Mozambique Jason Morenikej
ilovewindpower Mali Mali  
ilovewindpower Tanzania Tanzania Roland Valckenborg
Participated in Dakar remotely      
Volunteer WindAid Peru James
Green Empowerment US, Peru, Phillipines Anna Garwood
Recently invited      
Soluciones Practicas Peru ?
Eirbyte Ireland jimmy
Nea Guinea Greece


Kostas Latoufis
Craftskills Kenya


Greenstep Cameroon Cornelia Ehlers
V3 UK Aran Eales
SamSaara Estonia Madis Org
RIWIK Kenya Bart Fugers
500rpm Argentina Esteban Vandam


Ireland Eddie Connors


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