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I Love Windpower – Tanzania

I Love windpower Tanzania

In rural Africa, the vast majority of people have no connection to the electricity grid. Due to the low population density, electricity companies are not planning to increase electrification of these areas in the near future. Therefore, people who would like to have electricity need to produce it with generators running on expensive and poluting gasoline. Small-scale wind turbines are a perfect solution for these people, because the financial investment is small. Moreover these wind turbines produce sustainable energy for at least 15 years.

Turbines installed weergeven op een grotere kaart

Tanzania has enough wind in the rural areas where more than 30 million people live. Up until now, the knowledge and expertise to convert this natural energy source into electricity is limited. Therefore local people are now trained to produce and service small-scale wind turbines of the Piggott-type. This type of wind turbine is the best option for Tanzania because it can be build from local materials.